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Accounting Outsourcing

We provide accounting services in Ukraine to different kinds of international businesses operating in Ukraine. Accounting and payroll services in Ukraine is our core business.

At LCA Accounting Group we are much more than purely accountants or auditors. We will prepare your financial/tax reports but also look at your overall finance performance and the ways to improve it. We will make recommendations to help you improve accounting processes and the way you do business.

Professional knowledge and specialized expertise is essential in complying with local regulations especially when setting up a business in a new country. Accounting Outsourcing is a valuable tool even for a well-established corporation as a daily assistance that helps you to reduce your costs and risks.

The emergence of outsourcing is related with companies’ desire to optimize their resources and business processes. Attracting accounting firms for accounting outsourcing allows the companies to concentrate on core work priorities and to transfer the whole accounting or its any segment to an accounting firm.

Our accounting outsourcing experts come from a wide range of fields. We will build a special team to suit your needs - whatever is the business of your company. Our experts have extensive knowledge in both Ukrainian Standards and IAS. The quality of their work in Ukraine has been proved by time.