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Welcome to LCA Accounting Group: Bookkeeping and Accounting Services in Kiev and Ukraine

Accounting and legal services for medium and small businesses. Accounting outsourcing. Accounting support. Chief accountant services

LCA Accounting Group is a team of professional accountants with diverse and solid accounting experience in the different sectors of business. The accounting firm clientele consists primarily of international small-to-medium sized businesses, NGO`s and entrepreneurs which require accounting support. We maintain a close working relationship with our clients and strive to provide professional, personalized and timely accounting services for a reasonable fee.

At LCA Accounting Group we are much more than purely accountants or auditors. We will make recommendations to help you improve accounting processes. Our accounting experts have extensive knowledge both Ukrainian Accounting Standards and International Accounting Standards.

LCA Accounting Group has been helping companies of all sizes, especially foreign companies wanting to set up in Kiev and Ukraine, for the past 20 years.

Whether you are setting up an entire company, a subsidiary or even a branch in Kiev and Ukraine, you will have to comply with the local accounting standards.

We offer numerous accounting services with various complexities, but our objective is always the same: to ensure that our accounting work is done at pin-point accuracy at the highest quality.

Key services

· Bookkeeping Services

Our team is in charge of ensuring that your company adheres to the Ukrainan accounting standards.

We offer different levels of service, meaning that we can cater to your exact accounting needs:

This way, you can choose to use your own accounting software, or the online one that we provide for you.

Equally, we are at your disposal to help you solve any accounting problem on an interim basis, for example.

· Other Accounting Services

Our team is also used to help you prepare monthly or quarterly accounting reports according to the accounting standards set by your management or the group.

We can also offer you a visual reporting model, targeting key points, especially for shareholders.

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